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It’s no secret that crypto trading can be super-hard…

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This is especially true if you don’t have the up-to-date knowledge of the latest crypto trends or access to proprietary trading tools…Most of the crypto traders start trading without proper knowledge or supervision of a pro…

What happens?

They obviously lose tons of money on different trades and eventually give up on the whole idea of crypto trading…

If you’re reading this, then you’re obviously smarter than the above-mentioned traders… And because you made an effort to find the best way to start learning and making profits on your crypto trading, I’ll let you in on a secret here…

Crypto trading!

Crypto trading doesn’t have to be based on wild guesses or ‘because your friend bought that coin’…

There is actually a way, a proprietary method that we developed to help crypto traders pick the best coin to trade with, with an accuracy rate of over 85%.

Imagine trading crypto with confidence and with crypto pick accuracy of over 85%...

  • Wouldn’t it make your crypto trades as easy as 1, 2, 3?
  • You would be making insane profits and roll your way towards financial freedom…

I know what you’re thinking… “But how do you have such a high accuracy rate and who the heck are you, anyway?” I am glad you asked this question…

M.J Kelley
Chief Strategist

I am M.J Kelley, and I understand the volatility of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. With years of hard work, I finally built a system to help educate, coach and implement income strategies for individuals who are willing to enter the crypto trading world. I am a pro-crypto investor and for the first time, I am willing to give away all my strategies and proven methods in the form of life and recorded training that you can access from anywhere.

We have a team of expert crypto traders with over 20 years of experience. And they have an unmatched and consistent track record of providing super-accurate crypto picks in the ninetieth percentile. Imagine getting your hands on this crypto pick knowledge in the form of buy signals…


What you’ll get in this program?

We have actually divided the program into 4 separate packages depending on your particular needs…

So, you can choose to get access to our buying signals and manually trade yourself with them. Or you can choose our mentor program to actually get training on crypto trading and becoming a master trader.

With our mentor program and platinum package, you’ll also get access to our auto trading bot so you can make trades and profits while you sit on your hands (literally!).

Our packaes


($49.00 MONTHLY OR $499 Per annum saves 15%)

Each month you’ll receive approximately 40 recommended buy signals with an 85% accuracy rate which will be instantly posted to a private telegram channel you’ll be invited to. In addition, you will be invited to one free webinar each month to go deep into trading strategies and opportunities. And each month, you will also receive two cryptocurrency market analyses by email.


($75 MONTHLY OR $765 per annum Save 15%)

Each month you’ll receive over 100 recommended buy signals with an 85% accuracy rate each month. In addition, you will be invited to 4 free webinars every month hosted by Chief Strategist, Mike Kelley and we will also send you 2 in-depth market updates each month.

Autopilot or Self-Trader?
You can choose to place each trade manually yourself, or we’ll show you how to set up API KEYS to put your signal trading on autopilot.


($175 MONTHLY OR $1,785 PER ANNUM SAVE 15%)

Platinum Performance is the premium signals package which includes over 100 recommended buy signals with an 85% accuracy rate each month. You can also choose to place each trade manually yourself, or we’ll show you how to set up API KEYS to put your signal trading on autopilot. Platinum subscribers also receive invitations to 2 live trading webinars each week and typically last 2-4 hours as well as 24/7 access to a dedicated CWE account manager via a secure private channel for personalized trading education. We will also send you complimentary paperback copies of all 5 published books on cryptocurrency trading by M. J. Kelley II.



You get to pick 4 indicators, 3 candlestick patterns, 2 timeframes, and 1 book of your liking. You’ll also get access to a 2-hour zoom call with us which will be recorded so you can watch it again whenever you want. MJ will personally put together a program for you in the area you wish. You can even invite 1 more friend or family member in the zoom call.

Imagine never again having to trade crypto-currencies with blind guesses or limited information…

Imagine getting trained from expert traders who will hold your hand throughout the training…
Where would your crypto trading profits be with a team of expert traders always watching your back and only one phone call away for dedicated support?
So, what are you waiting for?
Don’t let your crypto trades be frustrating or frightening anymore. Join our crypto trading program to trade like a pro and start making profits today…

Expert Says


John Pfeffer
John Pfeffer
Entrepreneur and Investor
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"John Pfeffer, a partner at his London-based family office Pfeffer Capital, is not only betting on Bitcoin, but giving it a bold price target of $700,000—about 75 times the current Bitcoin price of nearly $9,500.”
Dr. Julian Hosp
Dr. Julian Hosp
Medical Doctor, Co-Founder of CakeDeFi
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“I see more risk in NOT owning any #bitcoin than I see in having all your money in bitcoin. Still, a healthy mis is golden!”

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Bitcoin & Altcoin

$ 20 One Time
  • Get real time report

  • Get idea about trade

  • Expert creation


Trading Bots

$ 250 6 months
  • Strategies for different markets, backtested and optimized
  • Run automated bot and let it trade 24/7 without manual control
  • Compare results and profitability using in-depth stats
  • Great and user-friendly for beginners


$ 175 Monthly
  • Signals with an 85% accuracy rate
  • Invited to free webinar each month
  • Get cryptocurrency market analyses by email


Trade with a market leader and stable partner invested in your success.

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